Fly rolls

The key to efficient fly roll function is the ability to minimise the draw differences between the rolls and the paper web. If there are any draw differences, paper is not spread as well and the process creates a lot of dust. The quality of the end product also suffers.

PR Rolls pays special attention to correctly designed and implemented low-friction bearings and lubrication in its fly roll manufacture and servicing. This way, draw differences are minimised and the quality of the end product is excellent. Low-friction bearings also prevent differences of temperature, resulting in longer operating life for rolls and decreased risk of damage to the coating. The coating used is one of the Tecno coatings from the PR Rolls product family that is best suited for the purpose.

Technical details:

  • Permanently lubricated and post-lubricated rolls
  • Post-lubrication of fly rolls takes place via separate lubrication channels while the machine is running
  • Diameter < 500 mm
  • Shell length < 13,000 mm
  • Speed < 1,500 m/min
  • Temperature max. 120°C
  • Coatings according to the customer’s wishes Extensive range of coatings from hard chrome to Teflon sleeves