Spreader rolls


We manufacture, service and modernise spreader rolls according to our customers’ requirements for all positions requiring a spread line. We have invested in the product development of rolls for 30 years, for example, by creating the lightly rotating Easy-Run switch construction, and we utilise a low-friction sealing solution. We also select our bearings and lubrication solutions with care to make sure our rolls rotate freely. When necessary, a Teflon sleeve can be installed for the roll shell or it can be coated with one of our Tecno coatings. The bearings can be sealed and equipped with a REL system that makes post-lubrication possible.

PR Rolls’s spreader rolls require less power and save energy. They have excellent spreading ability and they are extremely reliable. Due to our materials and manufacturing technology, they are also durable and easy to service.

Spreader roll

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Test driving of spreader roll


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Fly rolls