Pulp mills

Our special know-how with on-site machining, coating and measurements can also be utilised in pulp mills. In addition, we offer equipment repair services and maintenance at our workshop.

We also machine the bases of Meesa furnaces.

The DD washer for washing pulp requires annual servicing at the factory, and this is one of our specialisations. Already in the 90s, we worked together with Ahlström Oy to create the machining required for repairing these washers and recoating them.

We utilise the coatings we have created and our machining know-how also in replacing the sealing faces of DD washers. To top it all, we have created a switching method that halves the time it takes to repair battens the traditional way.

The seals available on the market are of fixed sizes according to the specifications of the washer. PR Rolls has invented a sealing solution whereby the length of the seal is optimised to the correct length on site, taking into account the operating temperature affecting the length. The seal is attached using PR Rolls’s own solution.

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DD-Washer On Site Service Solutions