By grinding, we repair problems with the surface and shape of machine parts and improve their surface quality.

A better surface quality improves your paper machine’s drying capacity, reduces breaks of the paper web, improves CD profile, extends the lifetime of felt and eases doctoring. The surface seal endures better and longer, which makes overall maintenance also easier.  


Superfinishing is a method of surface finishing using a gentle superfinisher. Its extremely quick, oscillating grinding motion results in an excellent, mirror-like surface quality that is required, for example, in calenders, MG cylinders and Yankee cylinders.


Honing repairs holes or wrong shapes on the inner surface of a pipe and improves its surface quality, ensuring that its seals will last longer. Our equipment allows us to hone cylinder liners and other inside surfaces ranging between xx and xx in diameter.

Grinding improves, for example, the surface quality of the following:

-          Sealing faces

-          Bearing areas

-          Drying cylinders

-          Support rings

-          Debarking drums

-          Drum pulpers

-          Lime recovery kilns, cement kilns, other kilns

-          Disc filters, vacuum filters, sealing faces and bearing areas

-          Calender rolls

-          MG cylinders and Yankee cylinders


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