PR Rolls carries out measuring services for heavy industries. Our customers include paper and pulp mills, power plants, steel mills and shipyards. Our measuring instrument application is particularly well suited for various machines that require great precision. We carry out on-site measurements, such as those of the surface profiles of rolls and cylinders. In addition, we collaborate with experts specialising in measuring.

We offer measuring services as stand-alone forms of service and alongside other services. In our measurements, we use a device we put into service in 2018 called Fixturlaser NXA. Its technology guarantees extremely accurate results. Please note, however, that dimensional accuracy is also affected by the conditions and fluctuation of temperature at the site.

We take care of coupling alignment, shaft alignment, centre line measurements, level measurements and the laser measuring of machine tool guides. Our modern laser measuring equipment and the diverse skills and extensive practical experience of our employees guarantee a precise measuring result.

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We perform the following measurements:

- shaft/coupling alignments of engines, gearboxes and rolls (optional universal joint measuring)

- accurate level measurements

- level measurements of engine beds

- level measurements of Azipod installation beds

- measuring of the alignment of perforations on an engine’s crankshaft

- measurements of Wärtsilä diesel engines

- measuring shaft alignment on the engine-propeller line

- rudder bearing alignment