DD washer maintenance (Drum Displacer)


DD pesuri

PR Rolls is an expert in the maintenance and use of pulp washers. We have developed new kinds of DD washer seals that have a coating designed to enable a longer maintenance interval. We offer our customers maintenance services for DD washers and related expert services.

We offer all the services you need for your DD washers. You can buy new seals for your Drum Displacer washer directly from us, and we also repair sealing faces and battens, perform coating and offer expert help.

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DD washer seals

We have developed special new DD washer seals that are made from materials designed to prolong the product’s life. The use of these seals enables longer run times of 2 to 3 years.

Annual servicing

PR Rolls carries out annual servicing of DD washers. The servicing can be performed at intervals of one or two years. We currently have service contracts spanning several years for annual maintenance with many Finnish pulp manufacturers.

Expert help

As well as normal maintenance work, we offer our customers practical guidance and expert advice and reports. In addition to maintenance, we can offer you an unbiased viewpoint both on the need for maintenance and the condition of your machinery. We provide help, for example, in situations where the chief maintenance officer needs an expert opinion to help them compare alternatives.

Ask us for more information on the maintenance of DD washers and the use of seals, or contact one of our experts to help you.