Anti-slip coating for king rolls and pope cylinders   

TecnoGrip prevents the paper or board from slipping and getting marked, providing even rolls and excellent paper quality. Surface roughness can be tailored according to the requirements of the paper or board quality.


TecnoGrip coating has excellent anti-slip properties. It has outstanding wear and corrosion resistance. It can be applied on site in less than 12 hours with only a short downtime.                 

Work description and duration

Rolls and cylinders are first sand-blasted and then coated using the HVOF method. Finally, the surface is polished.               

Technical details             

  • hardness of the coating 1200 +/- 150 HV               
  • surface roughness 4–16 Ra (tailored to paper quality)     
  • coating thickness 70–120 µm

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