The main products in our coating range are our long-life carbide coatings and our fluoroplastic carbide composite coatings that make it easy to remove the paper from the cylinder. We have been actively involved in developing new coating materials and methods that can be completed on site. The newest of these is our carbide and nano fluoride composite coating for cylinders. Its operating characteristics are better than those of the furnace-manufactured fluoroplastic coating known as Teflon. No other company in the world has a corresponding coating – we are the only company to have created a coating that can be applied on site.                  

  • TecnoClean and TecnoClean Cera Hybrid composite coatings prevent dirt and sticky build-up
  • TecnoGrip anti-slip coating                          
  • TecnoGuide coating prevents corrosion and dirt build-up                              
  • TecnoDiamond hard coating                       
  • TecnoMicro coating prevents dirt build-up           
  • TecnoMicro

Cylinder and roll coatings applied on site are the easiest, quickest and most cost-effective way for you to prolong the life of your rolls and ensure their trouble-free operation. Our coating technology and expertise allow paper mills to make considerable savings in both operating costs and investments. Faultlessly functioning machines ensure uninterrupted production and excellent paper quality. Our coatings are wear-resistant and, given the right circumstances, can extend the roll’s operating life many times over.                        

Find out more about the coatings in our Tecno product family from the links below. Click on a link to learn more about the application and benefits of the coating.

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