Unbalance is the most common cause of harmful vibration, noise and wear. Unbalance can be caused, for example, by the build-up of dirt, uneven wear and tear, or the relaxation of the built-in stress of the piece in question.

PR Rolls performs measurements of unbalance and carries out balancing for heavy industries. We carry out balancing both on site and at our workshop. At our workshop, we balance all the parts of the machine in question, such as the rolls and cylinders of a paper machine, engines, the rotors of a chipper or fan blades, etc. We can also supply you with ready-balanced bearings to size. On site, we balance various parts of paper machines that are otherwise difficult to detach from the machine.

A properly and precisely done dynamic balancing significantly prolongs the life of bearings and other revolving pieces and prevents damage to bearings. A machine that runs on higher revolutions speeds up production and has a higher yield value. 

We have extensive experience of this industry and our employees have a great deal of know-how of various types of balancing work for heavy industries.

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·         Roll balancing

·         Cylinder balancing

·         Fan balancing

·         Rotor balancing

·         Chipper balancing