On-site services

On-site services


We can solve and fix your problems with your paper machine through on-site machining, coating and balancing. Your paper machine’s runnability, paper quality and the profitability of the process can be considerably improved by grinding, drilling, grooving, balancing and coating the machine.

When machining, coating and balancing are performed as an on-site service, it makes the maintenance time several times shorter than if the cylinder was removed from the machine. PR Rolls has a great capacity to simultaneously perform, for example, multiple grinding processes, shortening your downtime even further. One example of our expertise is a project where we ground and balanced 45 drying cylinders in just 12 days.

We have expertise in the maintenance and use of DD washers. We have developed new kinds of DD washer seals that have a coating designed to enable a longer maintenance interval. We offer our customers maintenance services for DD washers and related expert services.

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