New sales agent for the Swedish market

PR Rolls is strengthening its presence in the Swedish market with the help of Johan Stenlund from PapPro Ab, who became a PR Rolls sales agent at the beginning of 2021.


New sales agent for the Swedish market

“PR Rolls has been active in Sweden since the 1990s, as our neighbouring country has been important to us for several reasons. In addition to the Swedish market being geographically close, we have cultural factors and the Swedish language in common. Of course, there is significant market potential in Sweden too, because of the global paper and pulp companies operating there,” says Göran Antila, Chairman of the PR Rolls Board.

PR Rolls has a wide international network of sales agents which is expanding all the time. According to Antila, PR Rolls’ Swedish partners bring the global company considerable advantages, particularly thanks to their local knowledge. A local representative is also a great benefit to the customer.