TecnoClean Cera Hybrid

A carbide and nanofluor composite coating for dryers that is easy and light to doctor

Prevents dirt, dust, fluff, sticky build-up, wear and corrosion and improves your machine’s runnability and the profile of the paper. Decreases the need for draw. TecnoClean Cera Hybrid coating will increase your machine’s drying capacity and energy efficiency. The only coating on the market with better characteristics than furnace-manufactured FEP coating.See comparison here.


TecnoClean Cera Hybrid coating is used on cylinders at the forward end of the dryer section and on cylinders following the sizer and coating station.


Paper releases easily, meaning that there is less need for draw, there is no dust and the paper quality and profile are excellent. Cylinders coated with TecnoClean Cera Hybrid stay clean and conduct heat well, resulting in increased drying capacity and efficient energy use. The coating is easy and light to doctor, leading to further energy savings. TecnoClean Cera Hybrid coating is extremely durable and will last for more than 10 years. The operating life of the doctor blade will also be lengthened. The ideal coating applied on site without removing the roll.

Work description and duration

A cylinder that is in bad repair must first be ground smooth. This will alleviate all potential problems: it removes dirt, rust and scuff marks, cleans the surface and gives the cylinder the right shape. After this pretreatment, the actual coating is applied by base-coating the cylinder with carbide using the HVOF or HVAF method. This is followed by a nonstick coating, and together these form a durable and dirt resistant composite coating. If necessary, the cylinder can be balanced after this.The lead time for a five metre long cylinder, for example, is about 36 hours.

Technical details

  • hardness of the base coating 1200 +/- 50 HV
  • thickness 100-150 µm
  • transparentoperating temperature 20-200 C°
  • see a comparison between this coating and traditional and competing coatings

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